Paying for College After Divorce 

"Who will pay for college?" Financing your child's education is confusing on its own, and divorce adds another layer of complexity. Learn how divorce affects financial aid, costly mistakes to avoid, and what you need in your divorce settlement agreement to make college affordable.

Listen in and find out:



How colleges calculate what you are expected to pay. 

  • Understand the college's "expected family contribution" (EFC) and how divorce affects this important calculation.

When 529 plans are helpful - and when they're not. 

  • Hear about the best ways to use 529 plans - plus other savings options that divorcing parents may want to consider.

What types of financial aid are available.

  • Learn about each type of financial aid and how your decisions during the divorce can affect their eligibility.

How to structure your divorce settlement agreement to pay less for college.

  • Find out how to negotiate a smart divorce settlement agreement that maximizes your child(ren)'s eligible financial aid, minimizes taxes and creates a fair split of college costs between you and your spouse.

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Our Guest Speaker

Judy_Mar_2015_croppedJudy Sciaky, CCPS® , RICP®, AP&G College Planning

Judy Sciaky is a Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS) and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) who is dedicated to helping others avoid the mistakes that she made. As the founder of AP&G Financial and its subsidiary AP&G College Planning, her mission is to help families send their children to the school of their dreams without using all their savings, sacrificing their lifestyle or retirement, or going plain broke.

Judy is a member and partner of NACPE, the National Association of College Planning Experts, the leading authority on getting students accepted to their best suited college and getting grants and scholarships regardless of income or assets. AP&G and College Planning Experts have helped over 2500 families gain over twenty million dollars in financial aid. Judy has been featured on KYW. She is a member of the NICCP (National Association of Certified College Planners), the National Education Association, the Disciplined Advisor Network, the National Ethics Association, and the Better Business Bureau.

Our Preparing for Divorce Support Call Host

adinaAdina Laver, MBA, M.ED, CPC, Founder, Divorce Essentials

In partnership with Main Line Family Law Center, Adina Laver, Divorce Coach works with clients who are "on the fence," in the process of separating, getting a divorce, or are in any other way undergoing a significant change or transformation in their lives. Adina is also founder of Divorce Essentials, a specialized divorce coaching and support service for those committed to a healthy path for reclaiming their lives. Contact Adina at or follow her on Twitter @AdinaLaver.





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