Divorce Mediation PA: Be the CEO of Your Own Divorce

Posted by Cris Pastore, Main Line Family Law Center

So you're getting divorced, and want to make sure you get your fair share. According to financial planner Nancy Liebman of Liebman Associates, the first step to protecting yourself is to become the CEO of your divorce.

What does this mean to appoint yourself with this distinguished title, you ask?

According to Ms. Liebman, in today's world more than ever, "you need to hire a team of experts to guide your decision process." This means finding a good divorce mediator or divorce lawyer, a good therapist, a divorce financial analyst and a divorce coach. Being surrounded by a solid network of these professionals will give you the best chance to emerge from your divorce feeling as healthy, happy and whole as you can possibly be. This is exacly what a high-powered CEO would have to do in order to achieve the highest level of success for his/her company.

Among her advice, she strongly advises that couples try divorce mediation first as a means of saving thousands of dollars and sparing their family from the emotional damage caused by a litigated divorce.

Nancy's very practical views on getting a divorce, and the necessity of having a team of support through the process, can be found at the following link to an article recently published in the Chicago Tribune:













Is divorce mediation right for you? 

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