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Parenting Plan

What is a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is a both a communication tool and legally-binding document that allows you to resolve all of the important issues pertaining to your children so you can continue providing care and enjoying your time with them upon separation or divorce. 

Unlike negotiating child custody in court, parents who chose mediation to create a parenting plan do not have to worry about whether the court will accept it or change it.  Parents are also much less likely to violate the terms of their parenting plan since they worked together to create it.

What does a parenting mediator do?

In as little as one session, our parenting-mediator can help you both work through and negotiate all of the crucial parenting issues that  arise upon separation or divorce.  A parenting mediator does not provide counseling services, but rather focuses on resolving parenting issues so you can continue to be good parents to your children.

Our Healthy Parenting Plan will address topics such as:

  • Parenting Time (physical custody and overnight time)
  • Decision Making (legal custody)
  • Transportation and Exchanges
  • Holiday Time/Special Occasions
  • Annual Vacations and School Breaks
  • Contact with Relatives and Significant Others
  • A Dispute Resolution Process through Mediation
  • Contact Information, Relocation and Foreign Travel
  • Social Activities and School functions
  • Communications and Mutual Decision-Making
  • School Districts Attended and Access to Records

Making decisions about child custody arrangements can be extremely difficult, but once parents are committed to working together towards serving the best interests and needs of your children, then a  parenting plan using mediation becomes the greatest gift you can give to your children.

Advice from our Parenting Mediator, Sandi Sherr, M.Ed

"You are the experts on your children. Let me help you create a postive parenting plan that ensures the best of each of you is always available to them."  ~Sandi

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