Feel fully prepared, confident and capable to mediate - no matter how complicated your case.

Divorce Support Network


Successful divorce mediation requires both spouses be on equal footing and trusting of the process. That’s why we offer access to support, for you individually, and together, so that your mediation goes as smoothly as possible.

Our trusted partners are here for you every step of the way.

Parenting Experts

~ Tell the children about the divorce
~ Help your children adjust to separate households
~ Communicate more effectively with your child’s parent

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Divorce Coaches

~ Practice hard conversations and negotiation skills
~ Help you figure out the best deal in mediation  
~ Help you plan and organize your life in chaotic times
~ Be your personal advocate

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Legal & Financial Partners

~ Analyze alimony payments
~ Make changes to your will
~ Create a budget on a single-family income
~ Appraise, refinance, sell or downsize from your current home
~ Review your agreement draft before signing
~ Value your pension or other retirement accounts
~ Dissolve the family business
~ Gain access to credit and establish financial stability

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Affiliated Therapist Network

~ Manage difficult emotions
~ Learn positive self-care
~ Find a support group
~ Transform conflict into growth

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Our Affiliated Therapist Network is a growing, informal network of marriage and family therapists, psychologists, counselors, and co-parenting specialists in the Main Line and Philadelphia area. All have expertise in separation and divorce and have been oriented to our divorce mediation process.

Build a team of support around you, and emerge healthy and whole.

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Preparing for Divorce Support Call

In addition to the Divorce Support Network, we also offer a free monthly support call - Preparing for Divorce - which covers many of the topics above. You can register and listen to the podcast at a time convenient for you. 


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Are you a divorce professional? 

Be a part of our growing network! Contact Sharon Pastore at spastore@mlfamilylawcenter.com

You are also welcome to join our Meetup Group Main Line and Philadelphia Divorce Professionals

Divorce is a huge life transition. Get the kind of support you need - and deserve - to make it as smooth and peaceful as possible.