Is your divorce simple?

SimpleDivorce™ Filer is a safe, online divorce service from one of the most trusted legal centers in PA.  

How SimpleDivorce™ Filer Works

Step 1

Take the

Simple Divorce Quiz.


Take the Simple Divorce Quiz.




Complete interview form online and make payment.


    • Once eligible, you complete a brief interview form to receive your prepared divorce forms. Pay half or $350 to start. (court fees are separate and paid directly to the court, between $98-$300).

Payments from one spouse to help the other make transition to post-divorce life.


 Payments to manage costs related to the children’s well-being and care.


Step 2

Complete interview form and payment.


Step 3
Sign forms and

mail to court.



Sign forms and mail to court.

    • Simply watch the video tutorials to know exactly when, where and how to mail your forms.



Finish 90-day mandatory

wait period in PA.



An official document issued by the court that legally dissolves a marriage relationship.


Step 4
 Finish 90-day wait period in PA.


Receive your divorce decree.



Receive your divorce decree. You are officially divorced.


Complete and send your final forms to the courthouse to get your decree and be officially divorced.



Watch this intro tutorial and see how simple it is.


Intake specialists -who know divorce in PA - are available by phone to assess your general situation and needs, offer clarity on your options and guide you to next steps.  With unlimited phone and email support, your forms are reviewed for accuracy each step of the way.




We stay on top of all changes to local PA divorce procedures (which does happen). That's why using a generic online service is often a frustrating waste of time.




Regular case tracking, automated alerts and reminders ensure you don't miss any deadlines and have to start all over again.  




Forms are prepared and ready for your signature within 1-2 business days. Watch easy-to-follow instructions, plus helpful action planning and decision-making tools. 



No extra cost to change back to your maiden name before your divorce is final.





access to attorney-mediators, parenting mediators and divorce support network 

In addition to expert and compassionate attorney and parenting mediators, you can connect with our vetted Divorce Support Network of professionals, including mortgage specialists, therapists, divorce financial analysts, and more. (no referral fee, but separate fees apply for services)


Available to any pa resident 

As long as one of you has been a resident of PA for the past 6 months, you are eligible to file for an uncontested divorce in PA. and use SimpleDivorce Filer. You can file for divorce in any county, no matter where you live or where you were married.

“You guys were absolutely great from top to bottom. All instructions were clear as a bell, and the videos pretty much made the process idiot-proof.”  Raoul Caes, client

Get the FAQ's on simple divorce in PA from the most trusted law firm for uncontested divorce.

My spouse and I are amicable but we still haven't decided how we will split up our property, decide custody and/or child support, or alimony/spousal support. Is our divorce simple?

NO.  You have an uncontested situation, which greatly simplifies your divorce process.  But first, you need to work out your terms first in writing and obtain a Marital Settlement Agreement, which can also incorporate a parenting agreement if you need.  Once you have a signed and notarized marital settlement agreement, then you are ready to file.  Your safest first step is to contact our intake specialists for a general assessment of your situation and next steps.   

Am I require to have a Marital Settlement Agreement to get a simple divorce?

NO. A marital settlement agreement is not required get a divorce in the state of PA.  If you do not have any marital property, joint debt or children together under 18, you probably don't need one.  However, if you do have anything you want to claim or put in writing, then you need to put those terms into a marital settlement agreement.  A marital settlement agreement includes decisions about property division, retirement/pension assets, debt responsibility, alimony, temporary alimony, spousal support, child custody and child support.

Can I claim rights to property or alimony after getting divorce decree?

NO. Once you sign the divorce papers, you are waiving rights to property and alimony. That's why you want to put these terms in writing and get a signed and notarized marital settlement agreement first. Without a marital settlement agreement (MSA), if your spouse does not follow through with a verbal agreement, there is no recourse to enforce your terms. The only exception is child support and custody, in which you can modify or claim after the divorce is final.

Your safest first step is to contact our intake specialists for a general assessment of your situation and next steps.   

We have a home together. Is our divorce simple?  

Most people have some kind of home negotiation upon a divorce, and want those terms in writing.  This would not be a simple divorce situation.  However, if you are planning to sell the house at the time of divorce, and you already have an agreement on the sale terms, then you likely don't need a marital settlement agreement (MSA). Contact our intake specialist to see if your situation qualifies.

We have no property or children under 18. We need help dividing our retirement account upon divorce.

YES. Your divorce is fairly simple.  However, before filing, what you may need to obtain is called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QRDO).  Contact your benefits administrator and ask if it is required.

Do I have to wait 90 days if my divorce is simple?

YES. Filing for divorce in PA involves a 3-step process. Pennsylvania requires a 90-day waiting period once you have filed the initial forms, known as the Divorce Complaint. After the 90-days ends, you will continue to file remaining required documents.  Your file will then be presented to an assigned judge, who will issue the decree at his/her discretion based on their schedule and time of year (vacations and holidays). The entire process takes between 3-4 months.

My spouse refuses to divorce. Is my divorce simple?

No. A simple divorce is uncontested. In this case, you have a contested divorce situation.  You should seek individual legal advice before filing and/or work together with a discernment counselor who can help you both decide whether to stay or to go, which can lead you both toward an amicable, simple divorce.

Can't I just get divorce filing assistance from the County Court?

Not likely. Not every county will provide divorce forms, and often, clerks are not allowed to provide assistance with filing, as this is considered legal advice.  If you miss a deadline or do anything incorrect (even staple forms incorrectly), you may have to file all over again. That's why most people use a filing service.  However, clerks are generally very helpful in processing child support claims and custody matters.

I am planning to relocate during the divorce. Is this still a simple divorce situation?

As long as one of you remains a PA resident for at least 6 months prior to filing the divorce, then you can file for divorce in PA, and your situation is simple. 

Can I use SimpleDivorce Filer if I need child support?

YES. You can always file for child support and custody with the Domestic Relations Office in the county where you reside at any time, before or after the divorce is final. 

Should I use SimpleDivorce™ Filer if I don't have access to a printer or mobile device?

NO. SimpleDivorce Filer™ is an online service that requires downloading and printing forms, watching video tutorials and tracking your case via email reminders. If you don’t have regular access to a computer, mobile device or printer, this service is not for you.

We want a marital settement agreement. Is this included with SimpleDivorce™ Filer?

NO. A marital settlement agreement is not included in our SimpleDivorce™ Filer service.  You must either have your own signed and notarized agreement, or for an additional fee, you can use our attorney to draft your marital settlement agreement.  Contact our intake specialists for a general assessment of your situation and next steps.   

If I file using SimpleDivorce™ Filer without a marital settlement agreement (MSA), am I waiving all property rights, including equitable distribution, temporary alimony, alimony, spousal support, pensions, and 401(K)?

YES. If you use SimpleDivorce Filer and decide not to include a marital settlement agreement (MSA),  then you are waiving all of these rights. Any property distribution is based solely upon your verbal agreement. The court cannot enforce verbal agreements and you cannot renegotiate terms once the divorce is final.


Are there court fees separate from the cost of SimpleDivorce filer?

YES. Montgomery County requires court fees of $300.00 and $53.25, paid at two separate points in the process. They must be paid by money order or certified cashier’s check. 

Is QDRO Assistance included with SimpleDivorce Filer Service?

NO. But, we offer a phone consultation with our attorney-mediator to discuss what's involved in obtaining a QDRO. The cost of the consult is an additional $150, paid in advance. Both spouses are required to participate. 

How much time will SimpleDivorce Filer require? Am I just signing some papers?

You will be required to download, print and mail about 12-14 different forms to the county court.  This will take just a few hours of your time over a period of 3- 4 months, from start to finish.

Can I use SimpleDivorce Filer if I am not a resident of Pennsylvania?

YES. But ONLY if at least one spouse has been a resident of Pennsylvania for the past 6 months. 

Do you prepare Quitclaim deeds for transfer of property?

NO. We do not prepare quitclaim deeds, or any kind of property transfer deeds as part of our services.  You can simply go to Rocket Lawyer to download the forms for the appropriate deed. 

Can I get a refund if my spouse changes his/her mind?

YES. A full refund is offered within 72 hours (or 3 days) of receiving your first payment.  After that time, we can cancel your 2nd payment. Court approval is 100% guaranteed, and if, for any reason, we decide that we cannot help you process your paperwork, you will be refunded the full amount. SimpleDivorce™ Filer is a service designed for couples who are BOTH in agreement to divorce AND willing to take the necessary steps to file for a divorce decree.    A Consent and Waiver form is required for both of you to sign prior to receiving your divorce forms. 

Such a streamlined process, which took a lot of stress off of my ex-husband and I. ~ Jody L.  North Wales, PA