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Interested in hosting one of our free educational seminars?

Contact Sharon Pastore at to schedule a seminar or webinar.

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Speaking Engagements 

Our team is available to sit on panels, speak to classes of current/aspiring mediators, therapists, social workers and counselors. Contact Sharon Pastore at to schedule.


Main Line Family Law Center sponsors and provides in-kind support to community events and programs that:

  • provide education and support around separation and divorce.
  • empower individuals to make sound financial and other important life decisions for their own future and that of their family
  • helps parents be the best parents they can be.
  • bring families together and keep them strong and healthy.
Email requests to Sharon Pastore at

Divorce Support Network 

Are you committed to helping clients divorce in the healthiest way possible?

Join a community of like-minded divorce professionals. Visit our directory and check out our Divorce Support Network Flyer to learn more about our network of marriage and family therapists, coaches, psychologists, counselors, legal and financial experts, in the Main Line and Philadelphia area. 

Contact Sandi Sherr at to find out how you can join the Divorce Support Network.

In the Community - Seminars, Speaking Engagements, and Sponsorships

An important part of our mission is to generate widespread awareness about making divorce a healthier process, regardless of particular needs and circumstances. All seminars can be customized for professionals or individuals.  Continuing education credits available.

Seminars for Employee Assistance Programs, Community-Based Organizations, Support Groups, Students and Individuals

Making Divorce a Healthier Process: An Introduction to Legal Rights and Divorce Without Court

  • An introductory seminar on legal rights and various divorce options in PA, including divorce mediation, collaborative divorce vs. the litigation process of going to court. Designed to help spouses gain the clarity they will need to proceed with their legal separation or divorce matter. Also, customizable for professionals- 90 min

The Mediation Mindset:  Laying the Foundation for a Healthy Divorce

  • Designed to make a paradigm shift and keep spouses from ending up in court, the seminar focuses on helping clients eliminate the win-lose mentality, manage emotions, and stay child-focused as they prepare for and go through divorce. Participants will assess readiness and appropriateness for the mediation process. Adapted from research around mindset theory including productive vs. defensive, and growth vs. fixed mindset, clients will be able to use the mediation process as a transformational experience.- 3.5 hrs. - coming soon

Separation and Divorce 101- A Legal Overview

  • Designed to help professionals work better with separating and divorcing clients. Learn the legal, financial and emotional ramifications of a separation or divorce on your clients.  Specific focus on divorce options in PA as well as a solid overview of the PA divorce code.  Perfect for realtors, mortgage and insurance brokers, mental health professionals, and financial services professionals.  - 90 min

Creating Healthy Parenting Plans

  • Learn the ins and outs of creating a parenting plan that works. Includes real life examples of parents who have worked out issues such as visitation schedules, and contact with relatives and significant others - and how parents can adapt their parenting plan through the child-rearing years. Also includes a general discussion of what it means to co-parent or parent separately. - 90 min

Divorce Sensitivity Training

  • Gain a greater appreciation of the emotional anxieties that divorcing couples and their families endure so that you can approach clients or employees with greater sensitivity which will result in stronger relationships with them.- 65 min