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On the Move: Marriage Separation in PA

Separation in PA Worksheet for Agreement

Planning a separation in PA? Download our free planning guide to help you get started.

Did you know? Unlike other states, Pennsylvania does not recognize legal separation, and therefore you don't have to go to court to be declared separated.  That's good news.

So what can you do to be protected? How do you figure out medical bills? The mortgage? Child support?

While court is not necessary, it is absolutely essential to have a legally-binding separation agreement if you and your spouse have decided to split, even if that split is temporary.

We'd like to offer you some initial guidance on how you and your spouse should go about a marraige separation in PA.

On the Move is a 5-page planning guide for a healthy marriage separation in PA. It's not just a form to fill out.  The guide is a decision-making tool designed to help you begin to sort out your intentions amidst the confusion you may be experiencing.

The planning guide is broken into 4 main steps:

  • Step 1: 15-question worksheet to guide your decision-making in a more holistic way.
  • Step 2: The 5 basic legal guidelines for separation in PA.
  • Step 3: Document gathering checklist
  • Step 4: Top 5 negotiation strategies from an expert divorce attorney-mediator.

Once you have given some serious thought to your situation and your needs, we encourage you to seek proper legal advice, as no two matters are ever the same.

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