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Details about Our Service Features

Customized Plan for Resolution

We help you create and review a personalized action plan to prepare for the steps ahead.  The plan includes all the terms that need to be worked out, timeline, and recommended professionals involved.

Session with Partnering Mediator

Each face-to-face mediation session is about 2-3 hours in length. In this session, you'll work out all terms regarding children's well-being and adjustment to two separate households.

Financial Session with Attorney Mediator

 In financial mediation, you'll work out all terms regarding financial well-being and security post divorce. May include child and alimony/spousal support calculations, tax projections, and general tax. Each face-to-face mediation session is about 2-3 hours in length.

Attorney Draft Preparation, Redraft and Review

Our attorney prepares your legal agreement and conducts a session by phone or in-person to go over it line-by-line, so that each of you understand what you've agreed to. The attorney makes changes all the way up until the agreement is signed by both of you - ensuring flexibility if you change your mind.

Fully Legally-Binding Agreement

Your agreement is enforceable in a court of law, if one party fails to do as promised.

Preparation of Court Forms

You'll receive over 15 required forms prepared for your signature in the exact process required by the court - making things as simple as possible.

Secure Online Document Storage/Collaboration

Your documents are stored online using the highest enterprise/bank-level security. You also have the capability to make comments and propose changes to agreements, all confidentially online. Access your documents for up to 1 year after matter has closed - helping you stay organized and collaborate.

Case Management and Tracking

Receive assistance with document gathering and getting mediation sessions scheduled in a timely manner to keep your case on track. Your divorce paperwork on county court docket is also tracked for you - avoiding delays.

Divorce Support and Resource Library

Get access to a growing library of podcasts, articles, and downloads for additional support on parenting, legal, emotional, and financial aspects of divorce - so you can transform and grow through your divorce experience.

Divorce Filing Tutorials

Get access to 4 step-by-step videos that show you exactly how to complete and mail your court forms - ensuring accuracy and eliminating confusion.

Parenting through Divorce

Receive as much email, phone, and/or coaching/parenting as you need to smood the transition for family.

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