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Navigating the divorce process can be downright hard. What you want for your life starts now - not after you are divorced. That's where a divorce coach can be invaluable. You need to be mentally and spiritually ready. You also need to be organized and speak up for yourself - in ways that feel right for you.


Don't go through a divorce feeling ALONE.

We invite you to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation with a divorce coach, in partnership with Divorce Essentials. During a consultation with a divorce coach, you'll begin to:

~ Understand what makes some divorces smooth and others difficult
~ Define one important goal that you have for your divorce process
~ Learn one strategy to reduce frustration right away... with yourself, your partner and/or the process
~ Determine whether divorce and relationship coaching can benefit you




If you can stay out of court, and avoid paying lawyers tens of thousands of dollars, wouldn't it be worth it?

Divorce is a business transaction that you are expected to complete during one of the most emotionally turbulent times in your life.  Yet, how can you put aside layers of anger, resentment, loss, sadness, and fear and do the deal?

Hire a coach to get you through this so you can get on with your life, and not have to drag things out unnecessarily with lawyers in court. Our coaches are certified divorce and life coaches who have had their own personal experiences with divorce.

Schedule a no cost, no obligation phone consultation, and regain control of your life, starting today. You can do this.

About Main Line Family Law Center

Located along the Philadelphia Main Line, we offer fast, healthy, separation and divorce solutions by providing personalized, compassionate support and guidance in a calm, peaceful and non-adversarial environment.


About Divorce Essentials

Divorce Essentials is a specialized divorce coaching and support service for those who are considering, in the midst of, or post-divorce and are committed to a healthy path for reclaiming their lives.

Please note: While we can help sort out your options for divorce, we are not able to offer a hotline for free legal advice. Legal advice constitutes questions about how to handle a specific situation, legal rights or entitlements under the law. If you are seeking legal advice, may we suggest you use to ask your question or contact a local attorney.

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