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Download our free divorce mediation checklist.

Preparing for divorce mediation?

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Get Organized. Getting on the same page, literally, will save you money, time, and stress.

A comprehensive, itemized list of over 30 documents needed:

  • Current balance statements for all assets, liabilities, income, insurance, other related marital documents
  • Plus, close to 20 issues that will need to be discussed and resolved and help you start focusing on the bigger picture
  • Complete the process in a timely and smooth fashion.
  • Ensure that all issues have been addressed in the final agreement, decided on by the two of you.
  • Ensure complete and full disclosure from both spouses.

Getting organized and planning for your divorce will go a long way toward a smooth mediation of your separation or divorce. 

Separation or divorce is a time when emotions can easily cloud judgment (quite understandably). How will we handle the children? How will I pay my bills? Your thoughts often end up focusing on one or two areas that are most worrisome to you. Meanwhile, your spouse may be concerned about other important issues.

This checklist is designed to help both of you get focused on resolving your separation and/or divorce. The very act of sharing, discussing and gathering all information together at the beginning, you and your spouse will have already laid everything out, create a sense of trust - and know exactly what’s on the table.

Wishing you all the best

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What's on the Table? Practical Divorce Mediation Checklist