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Looking to reach a target audience and share your expertise around navigating divorce? Have a burning desire to share your divorce story?  We are looking for passionate contributors like you! 

About The Healthy Divorce Blog 

The Healthy Divorce Blog is a growing online community of women and men. We are loving parents, whether busy executive professionals, stay-at-home moms and dads, or we are all seeking advice and guidance to keep things peaceful, get educated and empowered with knowledge on legal and financial topics, and recover after divorce.

What do we all have in common?  We all want to be their best selves through divorce are seeking guidance and support to navigate the process.  They care about their families, finances, and future.  We all want to emerge healthy and whole as we transition into our next chapter of life.

What kind of articles are you looking for?

Our articles are considered resources.   The help readers move forward and make decisions for themselves - not stay stuck. They also embed values of peacemaking, self-advocacy, education, empowerment, healing and growth. The information must be full of integrity and be considered "honest-to-goodness" guidance.  We do not accept articles that promote adversarial or revenge-seeking tactics.

You may contribute any of the following sections in The Healthy Divorce Blog:

1) Healthy Legal Guidance (professional expertise from the legal community around the divorce process, including mediation, collaborative and DIY approaches, negotiating terms, equitable agreements, marital property, child support, parenting agreements, alimony, etc.)
2) Your Wellbeing (i.e. self-care, keeping spirits up, letting go and acceptance)
3) Fresh Starts and Lessons Learned (personal stories of resilience, reinventing yourself, going back to work, smart and savvy)

4) Getting in Financial Shape (i.e. financial literacy, assets and debts, retirement, credit, budgeting)

5) The Mindful Divorcing Parent (helping children adjust, keeping strong bonds, co-parenting with your ex, blended families)

What are your requirements?

Submit your article as a Google Doc, and include the following:

 - full name, email address, date of submission

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 - Articles should be between 800-2,500 words in length.

 - Images are welcome, but not required.

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