Hiring a divorce mediator? 
 Download The Smart and Savvy Person's Guide to Hiring a Divorce Mediator. 

The first buyer's guide for amicable spouses who plan to divorce without court. 


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Inside this free buyer's guide, you will learn: 

  • How to Compare Divorce Mediators
    Learn about 4 kinds of private divorce mediators (non court-ordered), and how their styles, training and services differ, so you can decide who is best for your specific situation. Attorney-mediators, therapists, financial advisors, and community mediators.
  • What Divorce Mediation Actually Costs
    Find out general hourly rates and flat fees. Plus compare levels of services, so you can decide what you need and what you don't.
  • Creative Ways to Afford Divorce Mediation
    Discover 6 financing options you may not have considered that may be available to you right now.
  • Hiring Checklist
    A printable checklist of 15 factors to evaluate your mediator, plus a list of questions to ask on that first phone call or consultation.

 While all divorce mediators are neutral, they are far from equal.  Educate yourself.

  "Divorce mediation is now the preferred choice for smart and savvy couples. Yet, few know how to choose a mediator. Finally, there's a guide to help amicable spouses do their due diligence."

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Sharon Pastore
Co-Founder, Main Line Family Law Center