Keep the bond with your children healthy and strong through separation and divorce.

Parenting through Separation and Divorce

Everyone in the family needs time to adjust to Mom and Dad’s new living situation. No one knows quite what to expect during this volatile time. That’s why it’s the perfect time to get help – even for the most attuned parent – at least until things settle down.

As an add-on feature of My Healthy Divorce® mediation program, work with an affiliated professional in our Divorce Support Network.

 Your Relationship with Your Children

  • How to tell the children and talk about divorce with them 
  • Minimizing tension for the children
  • Keeping promises to your children
  • Gaining confidence in your parenting style

Talking With Your Child's Parent

  • How to both be involved in children’s activities
  • Avoiding scheduling conflicts
  • Sharing information about the other household with others
  • Adjusting to new family dynamics and situations

Two Home Concept

  • Setting rules and clear expectations, helping children get organized
  • Curbing spending and smart decisions about money
  • Being supportive of the other parent’s relationship with your children – not undermining authority
  • Creating new rituals and traditions

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“The additional support helped us keep the focus on our children during our divorce. We felt we were able to stay connected with our children through all the confusion.”