Preparing for Divorce: What to Expect Emotionally

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Tuesday, July 9th, 2013  - 2:10pm-3pm ET

Being a Great Parent through Divorce

Adina Laver, M.Ed, MBA, CPC Divorce & Life Coach, Main Line Family Law Center

Special Guest: Sandi Sherr, M.Ed, Parenting Mediator, Main Line Family Law Center

Preparing for Divorce


Adina Laver, M.Ed, MBA, CPC

Divorce & Life Coach, Main Line Family Law Center

As a life empowerment coach, Adina works with clients who are in the process of separating, getting a divorce, or are in any other way undergoing a significant change or transformation in their lives, and who want to engage in this experience consciously and with integrity.

Adina's primary goal is to work with clients who are willing to consider that while change often comes with great discomfort, it also enables opportunities to emerge.

Listen in and start to navigate your path with focus, dignity, and confidence.

When preparing for divorce, the most painful and frightening thought a parent can have is, "What am I doing to my children?" The overwhelming guilt can be, well, unbearable.

Your children are your greatest asset. How do you keep them safe from the emotional hurt?

A healthy divorce means putting your children first in your decisions.  But how do you do that?

Find out what exactly you need to know - to be the best parent you can be - for your kids- as you prepare for divorce.

  • Better understand divorce law and legal terms related to child custody so you can assert yourself.
  • Learn about parenting agreements - who writes them and how they protect your children
  • Explore how to talk to kids of all ages (dependent and adults) about divorce in a healthy way.
  • Get ideas for custody arrangements and considerations and determine what is best for your family situation
  • Begin to work from your strengths as a mom or dad, so you can be an even better parent through the divorce- even in separate households.

Most important, you'll leave this call feeling relieved - to know that your kids can thrive through divorce and beyond

Special Guest

Sandi Sherr, M.Ed, Parenting Mediator, Main Line Family Law Center


An expert in family conflict and parenting, Sandi Sherr’s career spans over 25 years of keeping families healthy and strong, whatever their design.

Since 2011, Sandi has been the parenting mediator at Main Line Family Law Center. As an integral part of the Center’s My Healthy Divorce mediation program, she guides divorcing or separating couples in the creation of their own parenting plan, and is always focused on the best interests of children.

Sandi is also Founder and President of The Adoption Plan, based in Wynnewood, PA. For over 15 years, she has provided counseling and lifelong programs for families to achieve independent, open adoptions. Sandi has a Master’s Degree in special education and psycholinguistics from Boston University. Sandi sees the positive first; she brings her energy for parenting—with all its emotional, educational, and social challenges—to benefit every family.

Clear your head for sound decision-making in your separation or divorce, and it will go that much smoother.


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