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Questions about Pricing

What kinds of payment plans are available?

Our goal is to make sure you can afford the legal fees of your separation or divorce. We offer monthly installment plans and accept all major credit cards.

We are ready to sign on, but we are tight on cash, and don't want to put it on our current credit card(s).  Do you have other payment plan options?

Yes. In addition to accepting all major credit cards or personal checks, we are pleased to offer a more flexible customer financing option through PayPal Credit.  PayPal Credit offers 6 months of no-interest financing on payments over $99. That means you can get started now, and have the ability to take 6 months to pay, and, if paid in full, without interest. 

Paypal Credit also offers a simple approval process. 1) Sign in to your PayPal account and get pre-approved, 2) Or, when you are ready to make a payment, you will select the PayPal Credit option, enter two pieces of information, accept the terms, and receive a decision in seconds as to whether you are approved or not and for how much. Minimum approval is for $250.  You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal credit. 

This payment option is ideal for spouses who need access to cash, do not want to use their current credit card, and need to stretch out payments. 

Why does your 3-installment payment plan span over the first 60 days of a 6 month process?

The payment plan begins with the first payment and spans over the 60 days following. The rationale behind this is that the bulk of the program and the core value of the services typically take place within the first 3-4 months of the process. The end of our process involves the administrative filing for the divorce (which we assist you with), along with a mandatory 90-day waiting period before you’re eligible to obtain your divorce decree in the final filling stage.

How much does it cost to get started?

It depends. For My Healthy Divorce® Mediation program or legal agreements, clients can pay either ½ or 1/3 of the flat fee up front, and are billed monthly for a period of 2 or 3 consecutive months thereafter. Clients who schedule individual mediation sessions make payment online at time of scheduling. For SimpleDivorce™ Filer service, the cost is $350 to get started, and you are billed for 1 more payment of $350, for a total of $700.   For no-interest financing for 6 months, see PayPal credit option above. Clients are required to make an initial payment prior to receiving services.

Is your fee for each spouse or for both of us?

Fees quoted are for both spouses. Spouses may decide how to divide the payments between them however they wish, and a fee split can be decided in your initial consultation.

Do you charge for making changes to our agreement?

As long as your agreement has not been signed and notarized, we are able to make as many changes as you need until you are fully satisfied.

What are your payment policies regarding SimpleDivorce™ Filer?
Are legal agreements included with mediation or vice versa?

We can absolutely combine individual mediation sessions with an agreement and provide you a custom flat fee quote. Parenting agreements/plans generally range between $1,000 and $1,500, and include 1-2 parenting mediation sessions. A legal agreement is included with My Healthy Divorce™ Mediation program.

What happens if we start the My Healthy Divorce®   Mediation Program but, at some point in the process, decide we cannot successfully mediate?

If a couple begins the mediation process but cannot finish, we will assess the amount of fees already paid, and we will issue a pro-rated refund for any unused time and services. The only exception is if you delay mediation for more than 60 days without any activity for any reason. In which case, you would be ineligible for a refund.

Why don’t you list exact fees for some of your services?

We take pride in offering only those services needed to ensure your family is fully secured post-divorce. To do that, we offer a  complete assessment of your separation or divorce situation as part of your initial consultation, which includes a complete, step-by-step plan for resolution. Therefore, exact fee quotes can only be provided at the time of consultation.

How does your pricing compare to other divorce mediation services?

Unlike others, Main Line Family Law Center is a full-service, end-to-end divorce mediation and legal services firm. This means we can offer mediation for all children and financial needs, fully-legally binding agreements, and filing.  You won't need to pay additional fees to an attorney to draft your agreement and file.  Here, you have the expertise and legal protection of an experienced divorce attorney-mediator who oversees your entire case. Also, other mediators charge an hourly rate while we charge a flat fee, which clients often prefer so they have some level of certainty about costs. You also have access to a wealth of support information, tutorials as well as a court document specialist who understands the specifics of the filing process in PA. Last, we recognize every case is different, and so we offer you the lowest cost for what you need. Or, if you need a service that is not listed here, contact us.

Why do you charge a flat fee?

A flat fee provides certainty during a time of uncertainty, whereas an hourly rate can cause clients to hesitate to seek help for fear of mounting costs. Your fee is capped so you know what it is upfront with no hidden fees or hourly rates, and you can finance the fee throughout the program.  That's why we spend a great deal of time up front on intake to provide a confident quote and takes into account the total time and services required to address your specific needs such as child custody, child support, alimony, division of assets, etc., with total support from our firm until you obtain a final divorce decree. for more simple situations and couples who strongly prefer to take one small step at a time, pay-as-you-go options are also available. 

Can we add on services at a later date if we decide we need them?

Yes, definitely. We are very flexible.

Are there any other fees that we should be aware of?

Our fees listed or quoted are only legal fees for our direct services. A divorce can incur fees payable to others, such as court filing fees, appraisals, preparation of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QRDO) or other divorce support services.

We already have an existing agreement and just need some help with making changes. Can you help us?

Yes. An attorney is available to meet with you to discuss your needs and draft an amendment. An hourly rate of $275 applies.  An individual mediation session in this case is $550.

We are already divorced but, need some assistance with our parenting agreement. Can you help?

Yes. Our parenting mediator can meet with you to craft a written, legally-binding parenting agreement for $900. An attorney is available to provide a child support calculation, without meeting in person, for $200. The cost for these services with a mediation session is $550.

Why do the fees for mediation sessions vary so widely?

Fees for mediation with an attorney-mediator and financial mediation are higher than parenting mediation, which are conducted by a therapist or social worker.

How many mediation sessions do we need?

The exact number of sessions will be determined at your consultation, at which time you will receive an exact quote.My Healthy Divorce™ Mediation program includes 1-3 mediation sessions and so prices will vary.

Can we skip the parenting mediation to save money? We already live in two separate households.

You can always opt not to have a parenting mediation session and written parenting agreement. However,  it is often very difficult to differentiate between your own needs and that of your children. This is why, in our process, your child's voice is represented by the parenting mediator. The objectivity and expertise of a child development expert can be crucial for foundation-setting.  Also, the written document you receive in our mediation program goes beyond just your child(ren)’s physical custody between two households. Circumstances change, children's needs change, and new relationships can enter the picture. Therefore, we always recommend having the parenting plan, especially when young children are involved.  

My spouse and I have an amicable relationship. Do we really need that many hours of your time?

Even though you have a good working relationship, every case still has its own complexities. Our programs aren't designed just to tie up a few loose ends; they lay a foundation to help both spouses learn new ways to make decisions and provide professionals to help you make the most informed decisions. We are committed to developing a customized price quote that accurately reflects the services and time your case needs. 

My spouse and I feel that we don't need the full mediation program. Is there a less comprehensive option that will better fit our needs?

Yes. Our Marital Settlement Agreement Only option is available for couples who are able to develop their divorce terms privately and report them to our attorney who will then write your agreement and meet with you to finalize it. Our attorney will also walk you through the administrative filing process. WIth this option, our attorney serves as an attorney and scribe, not a mediator. However, a mediation session(s) can be added on to help address 1-2 smaller, outstanding issues (usually related to finances only).

What kinds of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.  Personal checks are also accepted.


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