Take control of your financial future with a post-divorce plan of action.

Budget Guidance

Dividing income and expenses across two separate households can be worrisome for everyone. That’s why, in mediation, we work from individual budgets to make sure everyone is protected and secure going forward.

What We Help You Work Out in Mediation

How much do I need to live on?

It’s scary not to know if you will have enough to pay the bills or keep a roof over your head. We alleviate those fears by getting actual costs on paper and discussing in mediation. Before making any major decisions, we break down and discuss potential costs of transition from divorce and into post-divorce life.

  • What you need to pay the bills – separate needs vs. wants.
  • Mortgage costs vs. moving or downsizing.
  • Costs of schooling or training to re-enter workforce over a period of time.
  • Additional childcare expenses based on new living and custody arrangements.
  • Ways to avoid incurring new debt.

Never kept a budget before? Work with our trusted financial partners to get comfortable.

Where am I going to find the money to cover added expenses?

A divorce transition means that your lifestyle will likely change as a result, at least temporarily. We help you make decisions that will have the least financial impact as possible. Using your budget worksheets at the mediation table, we help you evaluate:

  • Ways to stretch the dollars you currently have.
  • Potential hidden sources of income.
  • Whether a lump sum or monthly alimony payments work best.
  • How much additional support from the other spouse to cover child’s expenses - both short and long-term.
  • Where to cut expenses so you can survive financially.
  • Whether and how much debt you and your spouse are able to take on.

“Using a budget kept our noses to the grindstone. We stayed focused on the future – and not stuck in the past.”