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"They not only educated us but provided expert advice and guidance that helped us make decisions that were in the best interests of each other and our children."

“After hearing from friends about the many struggles and legal battles they endured, we decided to try mediation and Main Line Family Law and so glad we did. Cris and his team will guide you through the process with compassion and understanding. They will facilitate several working sessions that will focus on each step along the way to arrive at a fair and equitable settlement. They not only educated us but provided expert advice and guidance that helped us make decisions that were in the best interests of each other and our children. They also made it easy for us to navigate through the legal process and craft a workable long term plan. The team is staffed by experts that can tailor an agreement to meet your individual needs and Cris was personally available every step of the way from start to finish. Walking away we could not think of how the process could have gone smoother.”

David Rossi, 50

Harleysville, Delivery Manager

Father of 2 boys


“I’m not celebrating yet, but you may have worked a miracle today. I’m still unclenching from the experience. I don’t know how you do this every day.”


Drexel Hill, Health Care Professional
Mother of 4

“We both appreciated your knowledge, guidance, and understanding in helping us reach an agreement that we both left feeling very good about.”


Schwenksville, Collegiate Soccer Coach


“Under the horrible circumstances of finding myself seeking a divorce after 30 years of marriage, I could not have asked for better,or more compassionate, assistance in guiding me through the process.
Thank you, Cris and Jean for your unending assistance and kindness.”

Linda Morgan, 61

Rose Valley, Freelance Writer & Author,
3 grown children

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"I became a better dad in the process all the while focusing on the legal matter at hand."

"Ours was not a simple one. The mediation involved a co-owned business and a commercial property. Although I felt like throwing my hands in the air several times, Cris really kept our noses to the ground and aided us in reaching a timely and acceptable agreement.”

Ted McGarrigle, 42

Fort Washington, Owner, Pet Spa


Just had the “talk” with the kids which, I believe, went as well as it could. Thanks again for the talk “tips," Sandi......those really helped especially when we were at a loss for words. Looking forward to continuing the process.

Ricardo Moshomino, Psy.D, 48

Merion Station, Psychologist
Father of 2

“The advice was greatly appreciated and helped to calm me. Sandi’s [the parenting mediator] thoughts were SO helpful. This is a learning experience for me and after speaking to you all, I dont feel as alone with the legal process.”  

Jill Belinsky, 34

Media, Physical Therapist Assistant, 
Mother of 1 son


“I could write a nutshell, working with Cris was the best decision we could have made. Knowledgeable yet not arrogant or overly "legalese"; friendly and compassionate yet firm and focused; awesome listening skills as well as great capacity to wrap up and make sure everyone understood next steps; absolutely stellar follow-through after meetings (responding to emails literally within an hour). Always available with a smile on his face (you could "see" this even via email or phone calls. And then Jean...simply a blessing...she held my ex-wife's hand throughout the process...invaluable indeed!! She responded to my nasty emails with expert answers and the right solution (even if I didn't want to hear it) with poise and a friendly demeanor; even though I never met her in person as I was in Miami, I felt she was very close to me. In summary, I feel the firm worked for me and not for them, which is very important given the nature of the engagement. This has been the best investment we could have made. As a business person, this is the GREATEST value for the cost!!”

Augusto Silens, 53

Aventura, FL, Executive VP of Human Resources,
Father of 2


"Thank you everyone at Main Line Family Law Center for getting us through this with integrity."

"The skills and temperament Cris brought to the process helped us with this life transition in the most constructive and productive way I think was possible."

Kimberly Collins, 35

VP of Business Management

Lenore, I just wanted to send you a personal note to thank you for all you have done to help us during this process. This is never an easy situation, I'm sure, but you have helped minimize the emotional pain that comes with it as we sorted through the financials. I also sincerely appreciate how you handled last night's final mediation. I was very concerned going into our meeting that we were going to go off the rails and potentially undo all that had been agreed to and worked through in the last 2 months. I really appreciate that you kept us on track and helped resolve quickly in order to get us to a final agreement. I certainly hope that none of my friends will have to go through this, but if they do, I will absolutely recommend you.Thank you for everything."

Cris ensured that our divorce process was courteous and fair. The system that he uses walked us through the highly emotional process in a manner that I think was the best for my children and the two of us. The results of the mediation are fair and equitable and agreed to by both parties so there is little friction between the parties. If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of needing a divorce, I strongly recommend that the mediation process is used, it saves a significant amount of money, the process can be expedited and at the end both parties should be satisfied. Mediation does require that both parties are committed to the process.

Johnathan Rubin, 48

Media, Environmental Engineer,
Father of 2

Anna Kaufman, 58

Merion Station, teacher,
1 adult child

“After almost 28 years of marriage, when I finally decided divorce was essential for my health and well being, I wanted it done without too much fighting about the “stuff.” We did not have much money and I didn’t want the lawyers to get it all. I wanted us to be respectful to each other. My counselor recommended mediation – specifically Cris Pastore at Main Line Family Law Center.

One mediator - so less cost – Perfect! But what about knowing the law and being sure it was all done legally – Cris is a lawyer with... experience in this area of the law – Perfect! First call to Cris – he needs communication with both spouses at all times – Very reasonable and fair! At our first meeting – Cris will not tell us what to do; he will give us all sides or send us to someone who can. He will not take sides! Wonderful! No more fuel added to the fire by lawyers. Cost – very reasonable since I know women who have been charged for the lawyer to just read an email.

A clear set price – with knowledge that if there was the need for more meetings, we would be responsible for additional costs. We have money left to begin to build new lives. Cris was with us every step of the way – to the final divorce decree – just as he promised. Our meetings were well planned and organized. We knew what we needed to bring. Cris had an agenda and kept us to it while allowing for the necessary digressions. Patience, clear directions, clear typed directions, compassionate support when the paperwork hit legal glitches in the court system.

Every email was answered within 24 hours, many within 6 hours!

If divorce is necessary, if you and your partner can still talk with each other (somewhat peacefully), if money is a concern and two lawyers will eat a large chunk of it, if you are basically a peaceful person who does not want revenge, Cris and Main Line Family Law Center is the path to use.

If you want to be treated respectfully and you care that your partner is treated respectfully, even though you can no longer stay married, Cris is the one to work with. Thank you Cris and everyone at Main Line Family Law Center for getting us through this with integrity.”

“Although the mediation process was a painful one, working with Cris Pastore was a solid choice in our case. He was able to mitigate some of the emotional flare ups, keep us both calm and focused and was very responsive to our needs. Although I am not 100 percent satisfied with my settlement (which is not unusual), I can live with it - and I know we saved thousands of dollars in legal fees by opting for mediation. Cris worked with us in a timely manner, allowing us to resolve our mediation and divorce within one year's time - a big help as we try to move on with our lives.”

Robin Romano, 53

New Orleans, LA, Writer

If you are basically a peaceful person who does not want revenge, Main Line Family Law Center is the path to use.

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