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Marital Settlement Agreement

Make sure all the terms you worked hard to negotiate – whether it’s property division, providing for your children, or financial assistance to a spouse post-divorce – are all put into a marital settlement agreement, a  legally enforceable document that includes all the terms you have worked out.

What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?

A marital settlement agreement is a legal contract of how you intend to divide your assets and debts, as well as spousal support and/or child support. It can also include a parenting plan.

We can draft terms for all of the following, but not limited to:


marital home
rental properties
family business
household items and pets


bank accounts
social security benefits
health, life and disability insurance
retirement benefits
stock options


home mortage debt
credit cards and other loans
tax payments
legal fees



~ PA Child Support Guidelines and calculations
~ who will pay, how and when
~ date or conditions when support will end
~ dates to reconsider support amounts
~ payments for college and extra expenses
~ how payments will be enforced 
~ payments for camp, college and other extra expenses above the required PA Child Support Guidelines

(NOTE: a marital settlement agreement is not required to file for child support)

custody and children's welfare

~specific living arrangements
~pick up and drop off plan
~decisions around medical and schooling


~ who will pay, how and when
~ date or conditions when support will end
~ dates to reconsider support amounts
~ how payments will be enforced  


What is considered marital property in PA?

Learn about marital property in PA

Problems working it out on your own? Try divorce mediation. 

Your marital settlement agreement can be prepared in one of two ways:

Use the Divorce Mediation Process

Have an experienced attoney-mediator sit with both of you at the table to negotiate your terms first. This includes draft preparation and review of your marital settlement agreement. Filing assistance also available.

Ideal for spouses:
~ Longer-term marriage (over 5 years)
~ Joint assets or debts
~ Children under 18
~ Own a business
What is divorce mediation?

 Learn about My Healthy Divorce Mediation program.

Hire Us as Your Legal Guides
Hire us as Scribes for Your Own Marital Settlement Agreement

Utilize our legal guidance and expertise so you can work out all the terms on your own. We will prepare a fully legally-binding divorce contract, which memorializes and honors your agreed upon terms.  We will review with you to make sure your marital settlement agreement is ready for the court’s approval.

Our attorneys will:

  • Meet with you both for an initial consultation to gain an in-depth understanding of what has been or still needs to be resolved.
  • Provide you with a complete set of instructions to work out your own terms, plus a checklist of suggested terms to include in your agreement.
  • Draft the marital settlement agreement and insert provisions to ensure a legally-binding and enforcable agreement, should it ever be necessary to be enforced in a court of law.
  • Conduct a draft review, either by phone or in person, to go over the initial draft, answer questions and finalize before signing.
  • Finalize the marital settlement agreement in proper legal format to attach to your divorce paperwork for filing.
Ideal for spouses:
~ Short-term marriage (less than 5 years)
~ Few joint assets or debt
~ No children under 18
~Can work everything out without a mediator in the room.
Spouses have the opportunity and right to have their marital settlement agreement draft reviewed by an independent attorney of their choice before signing. 

Even when things change (and they will), there is never a need to go to court.

Our marital settlement agreements include modification provisions that allow you to legally update without lawyers or court intervention. If you can’t agree later on, you can always mediate before updating your marital settlement agreement.

Examples of circumstances where we can help:

  • Temporary reduction of child support or alimony payment due to loss of income, disability or sickness
  • Increase of school tuition or college education expenses
  • Modifying custody arrangements when moving out of state


"Walking away we could not think of how the process could have gone smoother." 


Not sure whether you need mediation to finish?
Or whether you need a marital settlement agreement at all?