Keeping Your Heart Open

By Dr. B. Hibbs

When preparing for divorce, Valentine's Day can feel like a cruel reminder of love lost - like rubbing salt in the wound. This episode will surely help you to cope. It will also explain the real definition of a loving relationship, how not to lose your faith in love, how you can always have love in your life, and ten ways to find love on Valentine's Day, even if you are getting a divorce.
Key Points:
- Redefining what love means to you as you approach divorce.
- Want to cringe at the sight of flowers, candy or Hallmark cards? Learn what really makes love last, and why sometimes it doesn't.
- Even if your spouse has a new love that isn't you, how to dig into your own heart to find everlasting love.
- You mean I can still have roses? Why being kind to yourself as you prepare for divorce should top your to-do list for starting over.

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Dr. B HibbsAbout Dr. B Hibbs: B. Janet Hibbs, LMFT, Ph.D., is a family psychologist, educator, speaker and co-founder of Contextual Therapy Associates in Philadelphia. She is author of Try to See It My Way: Being Fair in Love and Marriage, Penguin, 2009. Paperback release, 2010 and on e-book, available at



Adina_LaverIn partnership with Main Line Family Law Center, Adina Laver  works with clients who are "on the fence", in the process of separating or getting a divorce, or are in any other way undergoing a significant change or transformation in their lives and who want to engage in this experience consciously and with integrity. Adina is also founder of Courage to Be Curious and formerly Divorce Essentials, a specialized divorce coaching and support services for those committed to a healthy path for reclaiming their lives. Contact Adina at or follow her @AdinaLaver.

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