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Divorce Without Court

Find out why "getting your day in court" may not bring justice in the end. This episode will help to clear up misconceptions about divorce court. Learn how divorce...

Making Your Move

Separation is often the start of the divorce conversation. Who should go? Who should stay? Will I lose rights if I move out? Hear from a panel of experts so you can...

Being Resilient Through Divorce

Feel like you'll never bounce back from your divorce? Listen as Pamela Elaine Nichols, divorced mom, author and speaker, shares how she turned her pain into...

Understanding Same Sex Divorce

While marriage is now less complicated for many same sex couples, divorce can be highly complex. In this episode, Same Sex Family Law Expert, Rebecca Levin, Esq....

What Your Child Really Needs

Worried about how your children will cope with the divorce? Being attuned to your child is critical to them bouncing back from divorce. Listen as experts provide...

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