End up with realistic payments for alimony or spousal support that you both can afford to live with.

Alimony and Spousal Support

Both men and women going through divorce may need financial assistance to get back on their feet, whether temporary or long-term. Alimony or spousal support payments can help a spouse make it through the divorce and transition to post-divorce life.

What we help you work out in mediation:

Am I entitled to alimony?

Receive education on the 17 factors a judge uses to award alimony in PA, so you can use those same factors to negotiate. We also discuss the history of your marriage and factor that into talks.

How much alimony will I receive – or do I owe?

  • Before sitting down to mediate, we help you each create your own budget that accurately reflects your new living situation. Then, during mediation, we compare budgets so you can determine your financial needs moving forward. We also make sure no one is left without health insurance.

How and when should alimony be paid, and for how long?

  • We’ll evaluate various payment options to help you determine the most advantageous solution for both of you.

What do we do if circumstances change?

  • As you get back to work, or if a spouse becomes disabled, we’ll make sure you have provisions in your agreement about modifying payments, even if it’s temporary.

What are the tax benefits of alimony payments? 

  • During mediation, we’ll discuss tax consequences of divorce (i.e. calculate tax savings that could offset alimony payments).

“We avoided going to endless and expensive court hearings and ended up with similar results.”


“No one had to turn over their whole paycheck, and no one had to give up their right to ask for support, either.”