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Starting Over Financially After Divorce

Starting over after divorce is overwhelming on all levels and readjusting to life without a partner can be a lot to deal with emotionally. You may find yourself...

5 Tips for Finding a Home Post Divorce

After settling from the strenuous process of divorce, you may find yourself searching for a semblance of normalcy. Most often, your home is where you feel the most...

Using the 17 Factors of Alimony in PA in Divorce Mediation

When a couple files for divorce, it is not uncommon for a lower-earning spouse (or the spouse with the lower earning capacity) to need financial assistance in order...

New Simpler Divorce Law in PA Cuts Wait Period to One Year

Divorce Process in PA Made Faster, Thanks to Act 102 If you have been considering a divorce in PA, you might be aware of the preconceived notion that the legal...

5 Money Pitfalls of a Do-It-Yourself-Divorce

Everything these days is becoming do-it-yourself, and the divorce process is no exception. When a well-intentioned divorcing couple calls our office or comes to a...

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