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Demystifying Child Custody

You don't have to feel lost when it comes to child custody decisions. In divorce, custody is one of the most critical decisions to be made on behalf of your...

Best Gifts Divorcing Parents Can Give

Got an hour? Treat yourself to Jessica Bram, bestselling author of Happily Ever After Divorce, as she shares her famously triumphant and often humorous story of...

Getting Your Finances in Order

Are you financially ready for divorce? Not sure where to begin? On this episode, a team of experts will provide support and information to help you get in the best...

Healing the Hurt of Infidelity

You just found out that your spouse had an affair and you are beyond angry and hurt. Should you divorce right away? What options do you really have? This episode...

Preparing for a Healthy Divorce

Listen here and learn why you might not have to hire a lawyer for your divorce after all. This episode will discuss how you can have the healthiest divorce...

Join a growing community of loving parents and busy professionals, all seeking guidance to be our best selves through divorce and beyond. We care about our families, our finances, AND keeping the peace.

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