The Healthy Divorce

A blogcast to help you find your way back to healthy and whole. 

Why You Should Get Divorce Advice to Save Your Marriage

There are many things that can sour a marriage. If you and your spouse have experienced infidelity, your communication has become negative, or you are no longer...

How Gifts from a Softer Side of Divorce Can Help You Recover

Divorce is an experience that is...well...just depressing. Divorce disempowers, holds couples hostage, steals, haunts, and overstays its welcome. How does one cope...

How to Keep your Heart Open through Divorce

When going through divorce it’s very difficult to see the bigger picture of how life will play out afterwards. It might seem that you can’t be fully open to any...

How Discernment Counseling Helps Couples on the Brink of Divorce

Sarah* discovered her husband Jon's emotional affair with a coworker in typical digital age fashion: via a text message that popped up on his phone, which he had...

How to Be Your Best Self Through Divorce

Divorce can bring out the worst in anyone. It is a hugely stressful time, there is a lot at stake, and most people feel terribly vulnerable. All of this gives rise...

Join a growing community of loving parents and busy professionals, all seeking guidance to be our best selves through divorce and beyond. We care about our families, our finances, AND keeping the peace.

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