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How to Use PA Divorce Law to Mediate a Fair Divorce Settlement

As with all other aspects of their divorce, couples in mediation are empowered to decide together the fairest way to divide their estate, rather than having judges,...

What to Expect at a Consultation with Main Line Family Law Center 

Now that you and your spouse have requested a consultation with Main Line Family Law Center, you may be feeling a bit unsure about what to expect. Maybe you've...

Will Gay Divorce Really Be Treated like Heterosexual Divorce? A Mediator’s Perspective

A Key and Long Overdue Victory for Gay Marriage In a landmark 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court, gay marriage is now legal as the law of the land in the United...

How to Know You Have a Healthy Mindset for Divorce Mediation

You and your spouse recognize that divorce mediation will empower you to make the most informed decisions in your own best interest and that of your family. You are...

2 Basic Questions to Ask When Using Mediation for Divorce

Divorce is commonly portrayed in the media as a long drawn out court battle, requiring a lot of time and money to resolve. While it may seem like the only option if...

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