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Nearly 20 years ago, Raphael Cushnir's marriage fell apart due to addiction and infidelity. Yet despite profound grief, his heart opened as he discovered that resistance to feeling emotion is the one thing holding us back from healing and joy Read full description >>

At 15 years old, Henry Yampolsky immigrated from Ukraine to the working class town of Scranton, PA. The struggle to learn English and belong led him on a magical motorcycle road trip across the Himalayas, and to the knowing that resolving all conflict starts from withinRead full description >>


Dr. Joyce Fine's divorce was amicable for 5 years until things hit a snag when a new relationship was introduced. Compelled by her experience, she lays out what to expect through the entire divorce journey. Read full description >>


After a 4 and half year contentious divorce, Sheila Brennan went from chaos to clarity as she shares many of her own hard-learned lessons to plan for your own divorce.  Read full description >>

Listen to the inspirational story of how Tara Eisenhard rose above the naysayers to achieve a fair divorce that worked for her. Read full description >> 


Not sure if you are ready to transition completely to divorce? Linda Hershman, marriage and family therapist, shares how discernment couseling, or "stay or go counseling" will help. Read full description >> 


Long-time mortgage advisor, Cheryl Conard offers timely advice for those trying to figure out whether keeping or selling the house is in your family's best interest. Read full description>>  






About Preparing for Divorce

Preparing for Divorce is a podcast series that supports anyone who is approaching separation and divorce and wants to make healthy, smart decisions. Financial, legal, emotional and parenting topics are featured.

Hosted by Pamela Elaine Nichols and produced by Main Line Family Law Center.

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